common roof damage

Common Roof Damage

Getting your roof repaired or replaced can cost you a pretty penny, but regular maintenance can help your roof last for years.  Most homeowners don’t take the time to maintain their roof or to periodically check it for damage.  Taking care of small problems early can save you thousands in time and expensive repairs.  Unfortunately the average homeowner ignores their roof until a leak happens.  Here is some common roof damage many homeowners will come across in their lifetime.

Cracking and Bowing

Over time roofing material may start to bow or crack and that leaves material underneath vulnerable to wind and water damage.  If when the roof was initially installed and the flashing or shingles were not installed they will get weaker as time passes.  This too will expose the roof to the elements.  As the shingles start to crack and bow, then strong winds can blow the shingles off.

If you live in the southern United States were you get constantly exposed to the hot sun and asphalt shingles become particularly vulnerable and will start to bend and crack.  They are also very light and a good gust of wind will strip your roof in no time at all.  In these climates slate and clay are much better to use, they weather the sun and wind far better.

Water Damage and Leaks

Water is the biggest cause of roof damage and when your shingles become damaged and cracked you will have water creeping in and soaking the house underneath.  Structural damage can happen quickly and just one good storm can leave you with mold, wood damage and even the roof can totally collapse. If you want your roof protected against water damage then do inspections regularly.  Make sure you fix or repair any broken shingles as soon as possible , check and make sure that the flashing is in good shape too.


Most roofs on residential homes are odd shapes so debris gathers, you have valleys and angles and they are great places to gather leaves, branches, and trash.  Debris on your roof is a fairly common thing but it still needs to be cleaned off.  If you have pine trees on your property then pine needles can be problematic in that they are full of sap that makes them harder to clean off your roof.  They will also stain your roof and attract insects so clean the roof off regularly.

Part of your job as a homeowner is to perform regular maintenance and the roof is part of that inspections.  Roofs are expensive to repair or replace so it is in your best interest to deal with it quickly.